Nursery and Kindergarten

At this stage, HDA operates on a curriculum which is play-based and child-centred. The school takes the responsibility of making the child recognise its worth as an individual. At HDA, children are trained to develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills through fun and play and are trained to get acquainted with the real world by involving them to do certain activities whereby they start learning, while exploring. Subjects taught include.

  • Phonetics, Reading and Language
  • Arts, Drawing and Sculpture
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Thematic Modules
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies

1st to 3rd standard

Horizon Discovery Academy (HDA) strongly believes in its mission of honing your child's talent and sculpting a personality that's truly unique. This goal can only be achieved with a thorough and evolved teaching methodology, which accounts for the overall growth of a child.

At HDA, we provide personal guidance to each student to help them hone their potential and skills. The student-teacher ratio of 28:1 and classroom strength of a maximum of 30 students at HDA ensures quality dissemination of knowledge and maximum interaction between students and teachers in class.

HDA follows the 5E teaching model, which stands for Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. The school routine at HDA is made interesting by including special educational programs, activity based learning, interactive mode of teaching, cultural and sports activities.

Just like a road map is essential to reach the destination, the right curriculum is essential to achieve aspirations. The entire curriculum at HDA is divided into three phases, which focuses on specific areas of academic learning at different stages of your child's growth.

Extra-curriculum activities

  • All study and no play makes jack a dumb boy. This also finds its application in real life as recent studies have proven that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.
  • For overall development of a child it is very important for him to have a perfect balance between studying & playing. more or less of both can have its ill-effects. Many students can’t as they are caught up in their daily schedule while others don’t have play grounds near their homes. We are aware of these problems & thus have built a campus where a child can play as well as study.
  • We have facilities for both indoor & Outdoor games where children can play their hearts out!



Please note that the selection of students will be on the basis of their age group for Archery, swimming & Horse riding - preferably for higher classes. The maximum strength for each activity will be not more than 40 students. If a particular batch gets full, your ward may be shifted to your second or third preference of activity. Activity once selected will not be changed under any circumstances for the academic year. Children requiring additional help in any particular subject will be guided to opt for Remedial Classes during activity periods till their academic performance is achieved. All parents are requested to provide and make arrangements for the costumes and materials required as per the activity.