Science Park

  • The equipments here enable the students to visualise, operate and understand the complex principles of science in a lively atmosphere and in real manner. These all supplements are vital in inculcation of scientific understanding amongst students.
  • Horizon Science Park includes various games which explain science through games. This park has pictures of galaxies, stars & hundreds of hand-on experiences to amaze and inspire students and visitors. This park is designed to explain various equipments. Horizon Science Park’s Motto is to enable “Learning While Doing &  Spread Science among those who starve otherwise in developing cities.” Scientific principles are best learnt in natural environment with practical set up to do so. Adopting the same principle, school has developed the facility of open-air Science Park and an indoor Science Lab in schools premises.

Non Conventional Energy Park

In the premises of the academy wind mill is to be installed and it will be functional unit giving services to pump-out the water from underground.

Subject Lab

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics and Biology labs are ultra modern in infrastructure. Labs are equipped with specialised “Assemble-Dissemble” modules giving opportunity to handle easily and also conferring practical experience. Arrangements Include proper ventilation and cleanliness.
  • Non-Science subjects & linguistic-labs (English, Marathi & Hindi) are going to be the special features to enrich students at language level.
  • History, Civics & Geography subjects have information labs, providing audio, video and picture related information to give a firsthand experience in corresponding workshops.

Transport Policy Horizon Discovery Academy

  • All students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner in all places and at all times and project the good name of their school by their courteousness, good manners and conversation. Students should be kind, considerate and co-operative with their fellow students and teachers at all times.
  • Our Vision and Commitment is to provide the transportation without compromising on safety, professionalism, training and quality.
  • We are one of the leading schools having a well organised and disciplined bus fleet.
  • Experienced drivers are appointed.
  • The drivers are monitored by well experienced Supervisors and Transport Managers.
  • Our School buses cover an average distance of 30 kms everyday in 5 routes.
  • It will be the sole responsibility of the parents to escort the pupil to and from the fixed bus boarding and drop off points.
  • You’re requested to see that your child is punctual regarding the bus timing, and reach two minutes before the scheduled timings of your stops.
  • The buses will come to pick up to & drop the child at the given stop and in any case the bus will not wait for a particular child.
  • Due to any emergent reason the child is late to the bus stop than the scheduled time and miss the bus, it will be the parent’s responsibility.

Day Boarding

  • Dear parents, we assure you that your child’s every academic responsibility will be ours. Except home, for the rest of time children will remain engaged in activity, hobby centres & academic concern.
  • The basic motive behind day boarding is to develop a good & sober family bond.
  • The students may come to school without school bag.
  • Parents will experience a sigh of relief that their wards are in safe hands & homely environment.
  • Will have sumptuous break-fast.
  • Lunch during the lunch time.
  • Before going home they will be served an energy-supplement snack.

Residential Facility

  • Children availing this facility may be Localities, Non Localities, Non Maharashtrian Residence or NRIs.
  • These students will get homely care & family touch environment through loving & caring staff trained for the same. Pure vegetarian and nutritious food under the guidance of nutritionist shall be provided.
  • Auditorium for extra & current knowledge will be at their service, keeping them in touch with current global trends & happenings at State, National, Global to Cosmic level.
  • Facilities & our efforts, aimed at goals, when amalgamated, your children will grow as responsible citizens and we will assist them leading to new heights.

In the campus, small area has been reserved for the solar energy park. In view of the Energy crisis, world over, nations are striving hard to harvest solar energy for operating electronic gadgets and electrification, our park will install many devices showing transformation of light energy into electrical energy and its application in everyday life.

  • Horizon Discovery Academy has also established school level weather forecast unit.
  • Students will work on data collection & from the same information acquired, data shall be broadcasted by the academy’s community radio center.