Shri V.V. Chari


In my more than one-decade journey in secondary and higher secondary education, I experienced that after taking even lot of efforts by faculties in the institutions and by the students of our areas, we cannot reflect in terms of grand success even after trying to their best. To know the reasons I visited the best educational institutes in India and even abroad, to reach the conclusion that unless and until the basic concepts of subjects will not be made understandable by practical and activity based mode of teaching, during their primary education; he\she will never be able to gain in-depth knowledge of particular topic/subject to utilise it at higher level of education in their college life.

Meetings and discussion with experts, the mentored and innovators brought me to a common and simple principle: that the “knowledge is power”. To impart the best of our knowledge to future generations that too only during school education is the surest way to empower them to develop their potential to full extent and to improve society to new heights of humanity. Hence our school’s motto, is “look far beyond the horizons and embrace the sky there” in terms of knowledge, is the implied meaning that goes therein.

I think a child at age of five to ten is at stage to set his life for the next 80 years. In his early years it is the period for laying his basic foundation, shaping both his character and his desire to learn. More than intellectual stimulation, children must learn basic concepts of universe to live and smartly socialise with their fellow human beings as part of a considerate and mutually supportive community. Determined to perform this role, we endeavoured to establish H.D.A schools committed to carry an important responsibility to complement the hope and support provided by parents and family. Creative and recreational educational system along with practical and activity based teaching-learning process is essential for all children to enable them understand easily, study and work for their career making and contribute their services for the growth and flourish of country as a whole. Here at HDA, our aim is to provide them HDA‘s innovative system that prepares them to excel at higher level of education and contribute to the larger benefit of wider world. This is increasingly relevant looking to the present ever changing global scenario of transaction.

We, here at HDA, try to open up the minds of today’s young generations of learners through especially equipped subject-labs wherein stands roots of science and technology to provide knowledge and understanding. Labs are established for multiple languages, physical education, arts & culture. Our students will become true global citizens equipped with knowledge of the emerging new world.

Our talented, innovative professionals design and plan to engage the students in enthralling learning experiences .Subjects will enjoy a wide variety of learning tasks, including hands-on activities, Practical’s and audio-visual learning experiences, that have been tailored to meet their diverse learning styles. Our Educationist and children Psychologist at “Hobby-Centre” and “The Best from The waste” centre shall, ensure that your child will become what he\she deserves and is born to be.

Our trustees are committed to the pursuit of excellence and leadership in educational services and practices. The curriculum will be aligned with CBSE along with broad and balanced designed syllabus to develop our students physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We will be in search and shall incorporate the best and globally accepted learning practices in children’s education, under the guidance of our eminent advisory members of research committee. We live in a world with almost no boundaries, hence let us try to shred off all the differences of caste, creed, culture and look far beyond the horizon for the global betterment of mankind of tomorrow, is the message.

"Our students will become true global citizens equipped with knowledge of the emerging new world!"