Mr. S.R Ruikar

The Secretary & Managing Director

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to establish an educational institute of a different hue and colour. Horizon Discovery Academy a long cherished dream today comes true. I nurtured this idea in mind for long many years, which stands materialised today.

I did my Engineering from Nagpur. My Parent’s wished me to be an engineer. But I was profoundly interested in business. This idea kept clicking in the inner most corner of my mind. What could I have done after entering in to Government service? By venturing in to the business, today, I have been able to give job opportunities to about 700 individuals. Of course my beloved friends do have the lion’s share in this enterprise.

To my understanding, education is a passion with me. I always used to think about teaching methodology in practice and changing trends in the current education at global level. Parents want their wards to be good at score and bother less for understanding. Flourishing tuition classes and target oriented catering to students are on alarming level. Ultimately, what about achievement of knowledge? Is it not the very aim of education?

A good man alone can become a good citizen and the good man is the product of proper education, this is my view and sounds to be a real aim of education too. Opportunities come to those who deserve success through hard work. By the grace support and cooperation of the members of the RSCMT, I am encouraged to go ahead with the establishment of a premier educational institute The Horizon Discovery Academy, Nanded.

I hope the people of Nanded will appreciate the spirit behind the venture and extend their whole hearted support to the cause of education and bring repute to the city of Nanded by getting it on the map not only of India but of the world also.

"A good man alone can become a good citizen and the good man is the product of proper education."